Monday, January 21, 2008

Another one about the murloc webkin by jmr (age 6)

Hello. I'm back. Your friend Mr. Murloc Webkin. "Wwwwwaaaaaakkkaaaaaallllaaa!" And now let's go to my brother, TCR.

TCR says, "I'm sorry to be contributing to this silly blog post. I've got the hick-ick-ck, oh what-hick-ever.

Back to Mr. Murloc. "Bye bye, and have a great old Wwwwaaaaakkkkaaaalllaaaa day!"

Hello, I'm a murloc webkin (by JMR age 6)

I would like to say, "Wwwaaaaallllaaaakkkkkaaaaa!"

Bunnies and Raptors (Especially Riley)

Why do they put bunnies in WoW? My mom won't let me kill them. She won't let me kill any of the deer or frogs or other critters. The bunnies look so cuddly, but you can't cuddle them. Oh, look at the time. It's two o'clock. Time to stop blogging and go kill some raptors. (One Hour Later) Here I am at Wailing Caverns. Look, there's an ectoplasm. Better avoid it. Look, there's a sea serpent. Better avoid it. Ah, here's the raptor area. And there's their chief, Riley. Better kill him. Yaw! Clunk! Yaw! Clunk! Ahhhhhh! He's on to me. Time to get out of here! Whooo. There's some bunnies. Better go cuddle them.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

The life of a Boar

He walks back and forth. Then he eats a little. Then he walks some more. Then he gets killed by a hunter. The life: going, going, gone!

Ectoplasms and others

The best part of killing ectoplasm=like creatures is when they die. They kind of puff up, and then they explode. And how do they even have bones? It's probably something they ate.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Dead Murloc Movie

I got Monty Python's Flying Circus for Christmas and got an idea from it. Since I'm a fan of World of Warcraft, I decided that I wanted to do a WoW/MPFC movie. A Tauren (John Cleese) goes into a pet shop. The pet shop owner is an orc (Michael Palin). The tauren complains that the pet murloc he had just bought half an hour ago was actually dead. The orc tells him to go complain to his brother in Thunder Bluff. In Thunder Bluff, there is an undead complaint officer (Terry Jones). And at the end, just for a cameo, there is a troll dressed up like an army officer (Graham Chapman).

He's Mr. Scorpid

Young scorpids, clattering scorpids, Scorpids, Scorpids, Scorpids! I'm sick of scorpids. I'm killing something else for a change. How 'bout pigs? Nah!

Giant spiders? No, they kill me! Sticky ochre? No, that's a loot. What can I kill? How about Greenches? Although during Winter Veil, I might as well stick to scorpids.