Monday, January 21, 2008

Bunnies and Raptors (Especially Riley)

Why do they put bunnies in WoW? My mom won't let me kill them. She won't let me kill any of the deer or frogs or other critters. The bunnies look so cuddly, but you can't cuddle them. Oh, look at the time. It's two o'clock. Time to stop blogging and go kill some raptors. (One Hour Later) Here I am at Wailing Caverns. Look, there's an ectoplasm. Better avoid it. Look, there's a sea serpent. Better avoid it. Ah, here's the raptor area. And there's their chief, Riley. Better kill him. Yaw! Clunk! Yaw! Clunk! Ahhhhhh! He's on to me. Time to get out of here! Whooo. There's some bunnies. Better go cuddle them.

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